Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 Months Old!

I am a few days behind on the 4 month post, but better late the never. At 4 months Lola is learning to eat cereal, she is starting to actually eat it since I added a drop of Apple Prune juice. She rolled over for the first time on Sunday. She loves anything with lights or singing. She constantly has something in her mouth, her fists are her favorite. She loves to make noise, she will lie in her crib and jabber early in the morning (she is my personal alarm clock). When she is naked she flaps her arms up against her side like a bird, she also flaps in the bath which can make for some pretty big splashing. Now when I try to burp her, she will swing her head in front of me and try to suck my cheek, I call this Lola kisses! She HATES getting lotion put on and her hair brushed after her bath; thankfully my wonderful husband does bedtime! Her 4 month stats are below, she is still a big girl.

Head: 16 inches, 45%
Weight: 14lbs 9 ounces, 75%
Height: 25 5/8 inches, 85%

bright eyed

Pop gave her an oreo this weekend, she knew exactly what to do (if you have not tried the golden oreos go buy a bag, they are the reason I can't loose this baby weight!)

lil pumpkin

Thanks Uncle Nate & Aunt Kristen for babysitting

Go Dawgs

love my new jumparoo toy

first cereal

givin' attitude (wonder who she gets that from?)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I can’t begin to explain what a rough week it’s been. On Tuesday, a former boss/friend of mine passed away. Emmie was 33 years old and pregnant with her first child; a baby boy, Weston Joseph. We are not completely sure what happened, but she had some abdominal pain, which led to internal bleeding. She lost the baby, then went into cardiac arrest and died. Emmie was in perfect health; she did boot camp (strict workout & diet) for fun and ran marathons. She married her husband, Adam, in July 2007 and was 17 weeks pregnant. I spoke with Emmie last week; she was so excited about becoming a mother and looking forward to a new journey.
Emmie hired me for my first internship in college at Lost Highway. She got me my first job and taught me everything she knew about Marketing & the Music Business. She believed in me and gave me a chance. She was a friend to all, full of life and one of the most positive people I have ever known. She had such a kind and caring spirit. She always talked about her faith in God and how much she loved Jesus. You could tell by the way she lived her life and the decisions she made, that she was a Christian.
Life is so fragile; the timing of death is not in our control. Through all this I have gotten the stiff kick in the rear that I needed. I woke up Tuesday morning on the wrong side of the bed, complaining about anything to everyone that would listen, and then I get the call about Emmie. It made me realize how selfish in life I can really be. I need to be thankful for my family, find positive in all situations and praise God for my health. I am truly blessed. So go home and hold your children close, kiss you husband and hug your parents, siblings and friends. Cherish every second.
Please keep Emmie’s family, especially her husband, Adam, in your prayers.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just coincidence?

So… some of you will probably think I am crazy after you read this and I would have to agree. But this same thing has happened 3 times now and I am starting to think it is not just a coincidence. Lola has learned how to turn on her crib aquarium mobile. It has happened at the beginning of naptime a few times and once when I went to get her first thing in the morning. All the sudden I will hear the mobile music playing on the monitor. When I go in there she has scooted herself down the bed and her little swaddled feet are in the air. So, today I laid her down for her nap and turned on the mobile. I listened for it to quit and I went and stood by her door with camera in hand. Sure enough about 3 minute later she had wiggled herself down the bed and rammed her feet into the mobile and finally hit the little bird button that turns it on. It is probably just coincidence, but it is funny all the same. Here is a shot of her in action.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Andrew’s birthday, he is the big 2-8. I am so happy when his birthday finally gets here. I do not enjoy the 6 month period where I am older than him! Happy birthday baby! Here are a few shots of Lola helping sign and draw on Daddy’s birthday card, she loved holding that pencil.

Andrew’s family came over to the house for lunch last Sunday and to watch the Titan’s game, we had a great visit. Andrew’s dad also fixed our sink, I dropped a dangly ear ring down our bath room drain. Thanks for all the help.

Cheesing with Buff

Playing with Grams

Hangin’ with Aunt Whit & Uncle Ed

Our buddy Colton came over earlier this week to play for a few hours, check out the pick of them holding hands!

A friend of my family knitted this sweater and booties for Lola, aren’t they cute. Of course they are red & black, go dawgs!

Uncle Ed came over last Saturday and took a few photos for us, they turned out great, below are a few of my favorites. These were taken in my living room.

Last I have to post a pick of my haunted house pumpkin. I painted it last week, got the idea from my Family Circle magazine. I am pretty proud of it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Corn, The Park & Atlanta

We had a great day on Monday, besides the fussy baby part. Andrew took Monday off work and stayed at home with us. We had a picnic at the park (the weather is great right now) and had a great time just being at home. Lola was fussy most of the day, not sure what was up. Here are a few photos from our day.

Also, Andrew’s Aunt Amy knitted Lola this Candy Corn hat. It so cute, plus she loves wearing it. Thanks Amy!

Here are a few photos from our trip to Atlanta last weekend.