Friday, March 18, 2011

Early Mornings

I snapped these photos early one morning when they both had their 2nd round of ear infections in a month (we haven't been sleeping much). By looking at these, you would never know they are sick.

So precious, love them!

Rice Cereal

We gave Brantley rice cereal for the first time a few weeks ago

It's not that he didn't like it, he just had no idea what to do

Plus, the spoon totally freaked him out at first

Lola was so excited & could not wait to feed him...didn't go so hot, the photo says it all

diaper crack

He loves a bath, even if it is in a pink tub

Lola bustin' a move

Brantley 3 Months

A big, happy boy at 3 months, he looks like he is trying to stretch out & suck in that tummy for the photo!

Opening a few gifts with Daddy

Love those dimples

Love the exersaucer. Not only does it entertain Brantley, Lola loves it. I catch her trying to climb in it all the time.

Lola & Daddy having a 'stick party'. She loves picking up sticks!

This is how I get dinner made every night, love it!