Monday, February 20, 2012

Halloween 2011

Peter Pan and Tink at Trunk or Treat

One weekend in October we took a trip to Walden Pumpkin Farm

Riding the train

Playing in the corn

Lola was stuck on a spider pumpkin this year, so I found a pattern online that looked pretty simple. Lola wanted no part of cleaning out the pumpkin, would dare not get her hands dirty.

Brantley on the other hand, was ALL about it. At one point he was standing on the table with both hands inside the pumpkin.

Disney On Ice

On Andrew's birthday weekend, he took Friday off & we took the kids to Disney on Ice.

They both loved it, it was actually pretty entertaining. Lola dressed as tink, she was so cute. She sat pretty still & took everything in (while devouring a tub of popcorn & a snow cone). Brantley was a little more rambunctious, we bought him an Incredible's light thing to spin, so he was pretty happy.

We followed the show up with lunch at The Spaghetti Factory. The kids were pretty tired by then, but hung in there... it was just a really great family day!

Gatlinburg 2011

Back in October, we took a trip to Gatlinburg with Andrew's family. We stayed in a wonderful cabin with beautiful views.

The weather was cooler that weekend, so it really felt like fall.

We did several outdoor things; fishing, playground, small hike to small waterfall, etc. The kids had so much fun with everyone, Lola loved all the attention.

We also made our 'first' ER trip with Lola. High elevation & ear infections do not mix! But the popsicle and Tink stickers seemed to help make everything better!

Brantley 11 Months

I can't believe he is almost 1, it just can't be!

He is a handful at times, but such a sweet boy. He gives me the biggest hug when I pick him up in the morning, after work or church, it is so sweet. He LOVES his Mommy & Daddy so much, it melts my heart. He always wants to be where we are (in the same room), playing ball or trucks.

He really LOVES to irritate his sister, but he loves her too! They are going to be great friends, it's amazing to watch their bond.