Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Discovery Museum

Last Friday Andrew took the day off work and we took Lola to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. This was such a neat museum and she had a blast, we loved having Daddy with us all day! After the museum, Nana met us in Chattanooga and took Lola to Atlanta for the weekend. Andrew & I stayed in Chattanooga for a relaxing weekend, it was wonderful. Lots of sleep, food, & football.

loved playing with the BIG water table

digging for dinosaur bones

backing the car up

a little bingo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gentry's Farm

Last Saturday we headed out to Gentry’s Farm with Lola. She loved all the animals they had for the kids to look at. Especially all the chickens running around, she chased them everywhere yelling ‘ducks’. We all enjoyed the hayride around the farm, Lola sat in Andrew’s lap the entire ride. She loved seeing all the ‘moos’ (cows) in the field. Looking forward to Halloween!

I'm out!

Just chillin'

Going through the maze

Checking out the animals

She loved this tractor. There were about 10 just like this and she kept going from one to the other.

A Lola-sized pumpkin

My cousin Ashley, her husband Josh, & my Aunt Carol were in town visiting and joined us at the farm, here we are on the hayride.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall is here!

We are loving fall, it’s amazing what nice weather will do for your attitude. We have been enjoying the outdoors, parks, walks, zoo, football, etc.

I found this Bama cheerleading outfit at a consignment a few months back. She wore it this past Saturday and surprised Andrew. He could not believe how girly she looked. Not like a baby, but a little girl!

Andrew’s aunt made Lola this adorable fall dress with pumpkins and leaves on it, it’s precious.

On Sunday, after Lola was dressed for church she ran in her room and got her Bible off the night side table all by herself, it was like she just knew! So, we let her ‘read’ it in the car on the way to church. She did a little ‘reading’ and once we got to church we noticed she had actually bitten off a chunk of her Bible, she really likes her Bible!

On Monday, Lola and I headed to the Monkey’s Treehouse to play with a few friends. This place was amazing! There were so many things for Lola to do, it is the ultimate toddler entertainment center. We are looking forward to many more trips here in the future.

Just thought this was a funny pic, Lola and Bryce doubled up in the stroller!