Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lola & Jack

They have been having so much fun together outside! He is so good with her and will tolerate just about anything.

Friday, April 9, 2010


We started Easter off with an egg hunt at church. Lola was too young to egg hunt last year, so this was her first. She had a great time and knew exactly what to do. She was really excited once she found out there was candy in the eggs!

Hunting with Macey & Madison

Checking our her loot

She stuffed an entire mini cupcake in her mouth, the girl loves sweets

Checking out the bunnies at Phillip's with Addy & Bryce

We were in Atlanta over Easter weekend for a few days. On Friday we happened upon a great playground, the weather was perfect.


Getting ready to dye eggs

Can you tell she does not want my help

Pop found my old tricycle and brought it out for Lola

Easter Bunny goodies

Seeing her basket for the first time, we had to wake her up

Check out the earrings

All dressed up with her lipstick