Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Ole Gatlinburg!

We took at trip to Gatlinburg with my family this weekend. My dad rented a big cabin and we celebrated my moms 50th birthday while we were there. Nothing like a weekend filled with taffy, old time photos and air brushed t-shits. It was a great trip and we really enjoyed the outlet malls in Pigeon Forge. Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

My mom also surprised me by bringing me all kinds of little baby outfits that I wore when I was a kid. She saved so much and had it all washed and ironed. My 2 favorites were the dresses that she and I came home from the hospital in. The photo below is the dress my mom wore, it was made by my great grandmother.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's a GIRL!

So we found out on Monday that we are having a baby girl. After about 45 minutes in the ultrasound room (why are those rooms so hot?) and lots of jiggling my belly, she finally straightened out and gave us a glimpse. I had a few dreams where we had a girl, so in a weird way I was kind of expecting a girl. We were pretty firm on a boy name, but are still deciding between a few girl choices. Here is an excited daddy proudly wearing his pink shirt Monday afternoon to work. Let the shopping begin!

Testing, Testing...1...2

This is just a test. Okay, so I have decided to join into the blog realm. I sit at work and browse through tons of blogs a week, but never thought of actually starting my own. What do I have to blog about??? Well, ever since I became pregnant I keep getting the question "When are you going to start your blog?". Well, I guess it does seem the next natural thing to do, right? I do not know much about having a child, but a blog seems like a step in the right direction. So here goes....