Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brantley 10 Months

Our little B-man is growing up & trying to do big things. He loves his sister, always one step behind her, trying to get into anything she touches. Funny thing is, if Lola tries to put something up where he can’t reach it, he only wants it more. About a week ago, we caught him standing on his push car & climbing on top of Lola’s play oven, it was a WOW moment.

He HATES a diaper change, it is almost impossible to change his diaper unless you pin him down.

Weight - 22lbs
Head – HUGE (must mean he is super smart)
Teeth – 8 (6 whole, 2 chipped)

He is so much fun, always smiling & happy. He loves to laugh & is extremely ticklish.