Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Farm

Today we headed out to the farm, Lola loved it. She loved roaming the open fields, feeding the horses, watching the cows go moo and driving the tractor! The weather in Nashville today is amazing, what a great day to spend outdoors!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Atlanta Trip

This past week Lola & I were in Atlanta visiting with friends & family. On Saturday we celebrated cousin Beau’s 2nd birthday, Happy Birthday Beau! The highlight of the party for Lola was the bounce house/ball pit. She loved it and pitched a fit when we had to leave.

On Sunday we went to the Marietta square and played at the choo-choo play ground.

Uncle JC

Monday we headed over to Kate & Sam’s house for a play date. We had such a great time, Lola especially loved the slide in Sam’s living room. Sam was adorable and put on a dancing show for us, it was so cute.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you ever seen a cuter duck??? Lola loved her Halloween costume and actually loved wearing it, with no fuss.

On Wed, we had trunk or treat at church. Lola was defiantly into all the action and did not mind wearing her costume one bit. She weaved in and out of the crowds caring her pumpkin bucket and was as happy as could be for the most part. Then she realized what was in her bucket ... CANDY!
Grams & Gramps

Family shot

Uncle Nate

On Friday we had a party with several of her friends. She had a great time and loved being with all the other kids.

Lola loved Ella Grace's costume

playing in the leaves with Hudson

Uncle JC feeding Lola candy

eating a messy candy necklace

On Halloween night we made a few stops at family/friends houses and Lola really started to understand the whole 'trick or treat' concept (all I have to do is walk up to people and they put candy in my bucket....hmmm).

knock, knock

one exhausted duck, all & all it was a great Halloween

who doesn't love a clean baby

going straight for Daddy's wallet & keys

loves stickers

My cousin, Wendy, had a baby boy two weeks ago. Jake is adorable, baby & mommy are doing well! We are so excited for their family.


One afternoon last week I decided to let Lola help me make homemade cookies for the first time. Since it was fall, we tried a new pumpkin, raisin, & oatmeal recipe that turned out to be wonderful. She loved all the stirring, pouring, & mixing action. It went way better than I expected and she even stood at the oven and patiently watched them bake. All that patience was gone once the cookies came out of the oven. I think she thought since she helped make them, she was supposed to eat all the cookies. She had several major meltdowns why they were sitting on the counter cooling. I finally gave her one and had to hide the rest of the cookies on a plate in the microwave. If they were left sitting out at all she would spot them and the whining would begin! What can I say, the girl loves sweets!