Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On my birthday (BIG 30 this year) I wasn’t feeling too well, so we just decided to order pizza and stay in. We were out in the front yard talking with neighbors and decided to turn the sprinklers on to water the grass and flowers (this was pre-flood). As soon as Lola noticed the water, she was off! Lola, Andrew, Uncle Nate & Mable had a blast running through the sprinklers, she loves water.

I was cooking one afternoon and knew Lola was in the kitchen with me, but I was not paying complete attention. A few seconds later, I turn around and she had removed my cornmeal from the cabinet a scattered it all over the kitchen floor!

Can you tell she has attitude???

Andrew’s Aunt Amy made Lola a beautiful sail boat dress! It is adorable and she looks so cute in it, Thanks Amy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have tons of catching up to do...so here goes! Here a few photos from the first of April. Lola helped Uncle Nate & Aunt Kristen plant their garden one Saturday morning. She loved digging around in the dirt and playing with the water hose. They even bought Lola her very own Elmo gardening kit. Let's hope everything Lola 'helped' plant turns out okay!

We decided to join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) this spring and I am so excited about it. We are part of Eco-Gardens in KY. It is a certified organic farm that grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables. We basically pay a fee at the beginning and get fresh fruits & veggies for 28 weeks. Plus, they drop off in Crieve Hall, so it is super convenient. The first few weeks have been great, my favorites have been strawberries (amazing), different varieties of lettuce/spinach & the broccoli. I have so much food I am having trouble storing it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby News!

Sorry I am so behind on blog updates, but at least I have a good reason……we are expecting baby #2 in November! We are so excited; I am just ready for the first trimester to be behind me. We told Lola on Sunday, but she was more interested in her toys. Later that night she did pat my belly a few times, but she really has no idea.
We have had so many other changes going on around the house. A few weeks ago, we took her pacifier away, which was no big deal. But, as a direct result, she started climbing out of her crib. The first few nights were okay, but by night 5 she climbed out about 20 times. The next day we went and picked up toddler rails to make her crib a toddler bed. She is doing really well, expect for one thing. She has woken up at 3 am every night for the past 10 days. She will go back to sleep in about 10 -20 minutes, but it is still hard. I have been spoiled for so long with a good sleeper. Maybe it is just God’s way of getting me ready for #2!