Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School!

Today was Lola’s first day of school, I can’t believe it is finally here. I feel like I signed her up ages ago. She did so good, way better than I expected. She walked right into class, talking nonstop about her backpack. Then, in true 'Lola' fashion, she immediately began asking for cookies (she remembered getting cookies in class at open house). She seemed excited, so I skipped the hug & kiss and made my exit. When I got to school this afternoon for pick up, she was doing great! Her teacher said she had a few tears when she realized I had left her, but did really good for most of the day. She even took an hour nap on her nap mat! Andrew & I both have questioned her about her day and all she wants to talk about is digging with a shovel & she mentioned something about a dump truck to Andrew.

Sitting on the steps with Addy & Bryce after school

Monday, August 30, 2010


On Saturday, Lola went bowling for the first time at her cousin Abby’s birthday. She had never been bowling or to a bowling alley & she was very interested from the moment we walked in. All the other kids were getting bowling shoes, so Lola wanted to do the same. I was shocked they had a size small enough to fit her. Andrew helped her with her first roll, & will you believe that she rolled a strike! No lie, a strike! It was so funny, we all got a big kick out of it. The party was a huge success and I see another bowling trip sometime soon in our future.

Sizing up the competition.....

Lola was not really sure about Mommy holding Jake, so she had to come & check things out. Might see a problem in our future!

Just a cute photo, this girl LOVES to cook!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The first exciting news is….that we have finally decided on a baby name! It has taken forever for Andrew & I (more Andrew) to make a 100% decision, but the wait is over. We decided on David Brantley Buffington. David is after both of our fathers and Andrew (David is Andrew’s first name). We will call him by his middle name Brantley! I just love it and can’t wait for Brantley to get here. I have started to feel a little panic because we have done nothing to get ready for his arrival. I know I have a few months, but it’s at least time to pick out the fabric for the bedding.

On to the other news, we bought a van. Yes, you read it right, I now drive a minivan. I am that person who, up until last year, swore I would NEVER drive a minivan. I mean NEVER! Andrew used to kid me that he was going to buy me one and it would put me in fits. I do not know what it was, but I was just not 'that' kind of Mom (no offense to you minivan Moms). Well, times have changed. I started warming up to the idea when I was with friends who drove minivans and I would see how easy they loaded their kids, not to mention the doors opened with the push of a button. I finally caved, knowing that it would be best for my family. So, we drove to Atlanta last weekend and bought one. My brother hooked us up with the manager of a dealership & we were able to get a great deal, thanks JC. And let me tell you, I have not had this van for a full week and I love it, my back loves it, Lola loves it, etc.

Here is Andrew right after the van purchase, you can just see the sheer excitement in his face!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fair

This past weekend we headed to the Williamson County Fair. It was a hot day, but we had a great time. Lola loved the ‘Little Ones Farming’ again this year. She was amazed by the chickens, brushed the sheep, milked a cow, did a little farming, and had a blast.

Enjoying a snack after all her 'farm' wrok

Act like a chicken

One thing that did surprise me, was that she wanted to ride the rides all by herself and she loved it. I think her favorite was a little fish ride that looked like Nemo

Monday, August 2, 2010

July Beach Vacation

In July we headed to the beach with the Chadwick clan! It was wonderful, the weather was great & the ocean was oil free. Lola had so much fun, we could not keep her out of the ocean. She did great at the pool with her swimmies, she wanted to swim all by herself. We had wonderful seafood and desserts; I think we had dessert every night (the scale showed it at my last doctor’s appt)! It was such a relaxing trip and a nice break from everyday.

She looks a little nervous in this one

Swimming all by herself

Qiuck cool down

Pop would build the sand castles & Lola would sit on them

Lola & Daddy played all day

Skee-ball, Lola loved the tickets

Formal family beach photo, your welcome Mom!

Post photo treat

Shopping in Seaside, promise I did not pose this

Thanks Uncle JC!