Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Months

I can’t believe Lola is 7 months, I was just getting used to having a 6 month old. She’s as sweet & happy as ever! She is defiantly starting to get around a little easier, she is not fully crawling yet, but she can pretty much roll or scoot wherever she wants. She loves sitting up and playing with her blocks, one of her favorite things to do is dump out the blocks all over her lap. She has a good grip, it’s hard to get things (especially my hair & glasses) away from her. She is also learning that if she whines long enough, she will probably get what she wants! She is extremely ticklish under her arms and sometimes confuses coughing with laughing!

Uncle JC came for a visit

My new highchair

I found the laundry basket

Lola always moves or taps her left leg, here is a video of the toe tappin’ in action! This is the best I could do, if she notices the camera she gets really still.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute Pics & Food

Posing....for the camera!

Lola defiantly loves to eat and is having so much fun chewing on all the new foods!


Pizza Crust

Melba Toast


Such a little angel!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Month Stats

We had our 6 month appt on Friday, stats are below. She is still growing like crazy and a BIG girl. We have had a few first in the last couple of days. She got up on all fours, she has her two bottom teeth coming in and is saying DaDa. It all happens so fast!

Weight: 17 lb 11 oz 75%
Height: 26.5 inches 60%

Jean Jacket

She loves the swing we got her for x-mas

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Bunny

We were able to go skiing with my family over the Christmas holiday. We drove up to WV to a small family run slope called Timberline. It was defiantly not the same as going out West, but the skiing was surprisingly good. They had about 20 runs open and a good snow base. Lola was such a sport, she was really good on the way up (10 hour car ride) and not too bad on the way back. I have not been skiing in 2 years, so it was nice to get back out on the slopes.

Group shot at the bottom of the mountain

Skiing with Daddy

Family Picture
BIG thanks to Nana for keeping Lola everyday so we could ski (my wonderful parents also let her sleep in their room at night, it was a real vacation for Andrew & I!)

Andrew & I

Lola eating a messy biscuit with Uncle Nate & Aunt Kristen

I love Lola’s facial expression in this picture

Kristen, Nathan, Me, Andrew & Jonathan

Nathan, My Dad, Me & Jonathan

Lola taking a sink bath, she loved it

Lola helping Pop drive home

Here is a little video of Andrew & Lola sledding...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Christmas

Lola had a great first Christmas. This year we spent the Holiday in Atlanta with my family. We had so much fun watching Lola take everything in, it just made it all a little more exciting. I didn’t think she would be into the gifts, but she loved getting to help open everything. She was mainly interested in eating the bows and the wrapping paper.

On Christmas Eve, my brother Jonathan had us over to his house for dinner. He got Copeland’s to cater the meal (which was nice since they closed all the Nashville locations), it’s not his style to cook. We had a delicious meal, my favorite was the Chocolate NY Cheesecake!

Making cookies for Santa with Pop & Nana

Trying to eat the cookies she made for Santa

Sitting in our new wagon on Christmas morning

Opening gifts with Daddy (nice legs!)

Opening Lola’s stocking (ignore my hair, it was early)

Lola & her Great Grandfather Butler

While in Atlanta we got to visit with my good friend Joni & her little girl Lilly, she was such a doll!

We got back from vacation on New Year’s Day and had Christmas with Andrew’s family. We had a great dinner of yummy prime rib and so much fun opening more gifts. Thanks to Andrew's parents for keeping brother Jack while we were gone! Helping Grams open her gifts

Lola & Buff

Aunt Whit & Uncle Ed gave us a year pass to the Nashville Zoo, we can't wait to go!