Thursday, June 10, 2010

Atl Visit

Last week Lola and I headed to Atlanta for a long weekend. We had so much fun and it was great to visit with friends & family. Lola & Beau had a great time playing in the bounce house and dancing up a storm. They we really funny together.

On Saturday we met my Cousin Brian’s 2nd little boy, Luke, for the first time. He is just adorable and such a good baby. They made having 2 look easy!

Lola wasn’t so sure about Nana holding baby Luke, so she tried to get in Nana’s lap and put her head on the burp cloth too. I see some trouble in our near future….

On Sunday it was so hot so we decided to get the slip n’ slide out in the backyard. Lola didn’t really get the run and slide concept, but she sure did have fun!

Took this photo last week, love it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Labor Day at the BEACH!

Over Labor Day we headed to the beach with Grams & Gramps for some fun in the sun. The weather was great and the ocean was clear! We had a wonderful relaxing weekend and enjoyed sleeping in for a few days (thanks to grandparents).

Lola was knocking down the sand castles as soon as they could get them built

Lola loved the ocean this trip. She was running back in the water as soon as we could get her out!

On Sunday Grams & Gramps took us to an amazing brunch overlooking the ocean, it was wonderful!

Swimming with floaties for the first time, she loved the freedom

Hanging with Gramps on the porch

Ride That Pony

A few weekends ago we went to the Bellevue picnic with my cousin & her family. It was really neat with lots of free things for kids. Here is Lola riding a pony all by herself, she loved it and kept wanting to go back!

Sunglasses are defiantly her favorite summer accessory

A few weeks ago on a rainy Monday we were stuck in the house looking for something to do. I have started trying more crafts with Lola now that she is older, so we decided to try a macaroni necklace. She loved coloring the noodles (and her fingers). She wore the necklace for 2 days straight and loved it. I finally had to take it away because she was starting to try and eat the necklace!