Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Months

I am a few days late with Lola’s 10 month post, it’s been a rough couple of days. Saturday night she had a serious allergic reaction to dairy, plus we are still dealing with her cough and cold. I took her back to the doctor today and we have started allergy meds, so hopefully she will be feeling better soon. Lola is a busy bee at 10 months, crawling so fast and pulling up on everything, she is never still! She has 4 teeth. Her absolute favorite thing to do is take her hair bow out and try and eat it, she loves it. She also loves being outside & going on a stroll, we have been enjoying this great Nashville weather!

Chewing on her crib, its nutritious right?

Going for her dolls hair bow

Crazy hair

Watching the goats at the petting zoo

Really tired after a day at the zoo

Friday, April 24, 2009

So we had a wonderful time at the beach last week, it was so relaxing. We ate so much yummy seafood, went on a date, and slept in (thanks to Andrew’s parents). It was a lil cool and very windy, so we didn’t get to spend too much time actually on the beach. Lola liked the beach, she was very curious about the sand. She never cried but it took her a while to get comfortable, by the end of the day she was laughing and smiling.

I love this picture! Lola is trying to eat the sand, you can actually see the sand on her lips.

Looking for shells with Daddy

Playing in the sand

We found a great park with a wonderful playground and Lola loved it. Here are a few pictures of her playing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Easter

Overall, Lola had a great first Easter. She & I both were sick the whole weekend, but we made the best of it. Before you view the pictures below and think I am a bad mother, let me tell you I had every intention of getting her an Easter basket. I wanted to get one of those monogrammed baskets from Pottery Barn, but they sold out before I could order one. So, I had planned on picking one up the few days before Easter, and then I got sick. Anyways we made do with a basket I had at the house, but I promise next year she will have a REAL Easter basket!

Checking out her goodies, no candy this year

new fish bath toy

Baby Einstein DVD's...I think this was more a gift for me!

We managed to get a few family pictures after church

Attempting to take our own family shot

Daddy & Lola

All dressed up in the dirt. We wanted to take a few pictures behind flowers, but I have not planted yet. So this Azalea bush had to do!
We had a wonderful Easter lunch with Andrew’s family. Here are a few photos from our fun afternoon.

Riding on Gramps shoulders

Trying to eat Uncle Dan’s spoon

Playing the piano with Caleb

Uncle Nate & Aunt Kristen got Lola this bunny buck, I thought it was so neat!

Monday, April 6, 2009


We took this picture after church yesterday, it might just be my all time favorite, look at those smiles! I love it so much, it deserved its own post.

Easter Bunny

We were at Cool Springs Mall last week and decided to have our picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Lola was very curious about the whole thing, but she did great.

I just love this picture.

Eating lunch with Daddy

Grass! I have not really thought about it, but this might have been the first time she just crawled around in the grass.

We had a brunch play date with some of my girlfriends from college on Saturday. It was so much fun to see everyone and I love being around all the kiddos! They actually all sat still on the couch for this pic, I was shocked.

Abigail & Ansley put on a show for us, they were so funny!

80 Years Young

MawMaw with all her grandkids

We headed to Atlanta a few weekends ago to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. All her grandkids and great grandkids were there for the occasion, which was all she needed. My cousins, Kristen & I made her a cookbook with 80 recipes for her 80th. She loved it! Here are a few pics from the party we had at my parents barn. Lola was fussy and cranky the whole weekend, but she was a trooper.

MawMaw had plenty of help blowing out her candles

Once the party was over, the kids loved playing in the ice bucket that held the drinks

Lola & Pop

Look at the grip on that carrot bat, we have a ball player for sure!

Last week my Mom headed back to Nashville with us and stayed for the whole week. Lola & I loved having her here, we had so much fun!