Monday, April 22, 2013

Disney World, Day 5

 Day 5, our last day at Disney World.  We started off with breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  This was by far my favorite character breakfast.  The food on the buffet was amazing, and let's just be honest, I LOVE Mary Poppins!  When she arrived at our table the kids were eating rice krispie treats with M&M's on top.  She was hilarious and question their breakfast nutrition & discussed their polite manners.   
 Lola & Winnie The Pooh, Brantley accidentally made the photo.

 Love this shot of Lola & Tigger.

 Lola & Alice

 Lola & The Mad Hatter
 An attempt at a family photo in front of Cinderella's Castle.  It actually turned out really good considering the crowd of people that were gathered around us.  I can't believe there is only one person walking by in the background.

 Lola with Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, & Drizella.  They are Cinderella's evil stepmother & stepsisters.

Brantley & Daddy taking one final spin on the carousel.  Overall we had an amazing trip, great weather, & everyone was healthy.  The kids had a blast and are still asking to go back to Disney on a daily basis.  Lola is so proud of her autograph/picture book.   She even took it to school for snack time show-n-tell.  Andrew & I were exhausted, but enjoyed the trip as much as they did.  I think we are all excited about the possibility of future Disney trips!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disney World, Day 4

There are several different things that you will notice about day 4.  1) We are bundled up in jackets and long pants 2) There are not as many photos.  Day 4 was a great day, but it was a lot cooler and very windy (hence the jackets & less photos).  We started the morning off with breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort.  The food was amazing.  I had some type of shredded pork with poached eggs, so good.  It was not a character breakfast, but I highly recommend it.
After breakfast, we headed over to Magic Kingdom.  It was great having Uncle Nate, Aunt Kristen, & baby Bryce with us for the day.  These photos were taken riding The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  

Lola was obsessed with the Chip & Dale characters.  She begged to go up on stage and dance with them.  Well, we didn't get her on stage, but here she is (green pants) doing a dance. 

 Brantley and his light up Buzz Light Year.  He loves this toy!

 Daddy and Brantley on the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was a great ride, almost like you were in an actual arcade game.

 Lola shooting a few bad guys...

 Once we got off the Buzz ride and walked through the Buzz gift shop to exit, of course Buzz was standing there.  The line was about 45 minutes to meet him, so we waited.  Brantley was not into many of the characters, but he really wanted to meet Buzz and push his buttons.  At first he was a little unsure.  Buzz is actually playing with his light up Buzz toy in this photo.  It was pretty funny!

 Brantley pushing Buzz's buttons.

B was not going to take the photo without out his Daddy.  As much as he loves Buzz, he totally didn't trust him.  That night we had originally planned to go to the Luau at The Polynesian.  But with temps in the 40's, we canceled dinner.  It worked out for the best.  The kids were tired and it gave us a few extra hours at the park.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Disney World, Day 3

Day 3 was our 'off' day.  We decided to have a day where we did not go to a park, but spent time at Downtown Disney, caught a Braves game,  & went to the pool at our resort.  First thing that morning, Lola had an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  What an experience, is all I can say!  It is a little boutique for little girls.  Each girl is assigned her very own Fairy Godmother in training.  Lola's Godmother was Veronica and she was fantastic.
Starting the updo...
In this photo you can really see the cement gel that they use to hold the hair in place.  And they use a ton of it.  At first, I thought there is no way she is going to get Lola's short hair up in a bun on top of her head.  Well, she did and it lasted for 4 entire days.  This was on a Monday, we did not take Lola's hair down until Friday.  She slept every night with that crown in.
Adding the crown
Taking a break to paint her nails
A little sparkly jewelry for the cheek
Adding the princess sash
Posing with Veronica
The finished product, my little princess!
So, I think Brantley was a handful while Lola was at the boutique.  He had a ball in the gift shop & came away with a train lego set from Lego Land.  Here they are riding the train at Downtown Disney.
Choo Choo
We had dinner that night at an Irish restaurant in Downtown Disney.  It was a big place, very loud with Irish dancers for entertainment.  Well, before I know it, Lola was on stage dancing an Irish gig. 
It was quite a show
She loved every minute of it

Who would have thought that my daughter would be on a stage, dancing, dressed as a princess!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disney World, Day 2

 Day 2, rise & shine!  We spent our 2nd day at Animal Kingdom.  I have no idea why Lola is holding a rose in this photo, it looks like she is in some sort of ceremony.  
 That morning we went to Donald's Safari breakfast at The Tusker House.  Lola was super excited about all the characters, Brantley not so much.  Though, he did love the sprinkle donut I found him on the buffet.  
 Lola & Safari Daisy
 Lola & Safari Mickey
 This photo cracks me up!  This is the only photo we got of Lola with Goofy.  This is also the only photo that Daddy took of Lola with the characters.  I had run to the buffet (to get B that donut) and left him in charge of both kids, the camera, and the autograph book.  Great memories, I just have to give him a hard time!  You did a great job babe!
 My little drummers
 Sweet brothers on the animal safari
Baobob Tree (upside down tree)

 So the safari was the neatest part of Animal Kingdom  They do a great job of making you feel like you are on an actual African safari.  Most animals are roaming free.  This ostrich was about 5 feet from our truck.  Lola has a huge obsession with ostrich's right now.  She has an imaginary ostrich "Asa Asa" that lives in the closet in her room.  Acording to Lola, this is Asa Asa's cousin.  
 Petting zoo, those poor animals

 Brantley chasing a pig.  Lola couldn't understand why the pigs had so much hair on their bodies, nothing like in the cartoons.
Lola & Rafiki.  Photos on this day were cut short by an afternoon rain storm.  It lasted about 2 hours, then the sun came back out.  Later, we found out that we sat out in a tornado warning.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disney World, Day 1

We arrived!  I am not sure if they look excited in this photo, or if they are already exhausted from lack of sleep.  This was taken our first full day at around 7:00 am. (Thanks to Amy for their adorable shirts)  Notice the 'Under The Sea' curtain in the background.  We stayed in a Little Mermaid room at the new Art of Animation Resort.  The resort was ideal for kids, ours loved the pool & splash pad.  Our room was nothing more than a very decorated standard hotel room, but Lola insisted on calling it our Ariel cottage.  
Our first character experience was at Ohana at the Polynesian for breakfast.  Lola was very nervous at first, but warmed up pretty quickly.  Above she is with Lilo.  We bought her a princess autograph book that she is so proud of.  She was very excited about filling every page with all the characters autographs.  In the end, she did fill the entire book, the perfect souvenir.  
Everyone was a little unsure of Stitch.
Lola & Luau Mickey Mouse
Lola & Goofy
Brantley enjoyed standing by the window and looking at the waterfall during breakfast.
We finally talked Brantley into giving Mickey a high five.
Nana & the kids at Tomorrowland Speedway
The girls
Aunt Kristen & Uncle Nate being silly at the Mad Tea Party
Lola & the White Rabbit
Baby Bryce enjoyed Mickey's PhilharMagic.
Cool guys
Riding Prince Charming Regal Carrousel with Nana & Pop
Giddy Up
Dumbo, this was one of Brantley's favorite rides.
They both LOVED "it's a small world".
The camel at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin spit water on us a few times.
Lola & Daisy Duck
Lola & Minnie Mouse
Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.  This was probably one of Lola's favorite things about our entire trip.  She loved dressing up, eating in the castle, & having all the princesses come around to our table.
Okay, so this is not the best photo of me, but notice the girl behind us in the pink dress.  This couple got engaged during our dinner.  It was a big ordeal, lucky us to be seated where all the excitement was.  Oh, it's a good story, but too long to type.
They gave Brantley a sword as soon as we sat down at the table.  It was awesome, made our dinner even more exciting. 
Lola & Snow White
Lola & Aurora
Lola & Ariel
Lola & Princess (I need more clothes on) Jasmine