Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let the sunshine in....

cutest dimples ever, they show up every time he flashes that sweet smile, pure joy

It was so nice to have a spring-like day in January, a little sunshine will do wonders for the soul

sweet babies

my boys

I think he saw the sunshine for the first time today, he loved being outdoors

this shirt was given to me when I was a baby (funny considering my parents are UGA fans)

Can you tell he just ate???

took Brantley on his first walk today, can't wait until spring

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lola in January

Dressing up in Mommy's hat & scarf

Blue eyes

More snow

All bundled up

Duke all dolled up in dress up clothes (you get creative with all the snow outside)

Watching 'Tink' in her 'Tink' PJ's and eating popcorn. Girl loves her some 'Tink'!

Brantley 2 Months

Happy baby boy at 2 months

13 lbs 12 oz (95%)
23 1/2 inches (75%)

He is a great baby. Sleeping 6-8 hours most nights, the benefit of having a big baby! Love those cheeks!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Snow

Something strange happened in Atlanta on Christmas Day...SNOW. I think my grandfather said it has not snowed in Atlanta on Christmas Day since the 1880's.

That night we went out sledding & had a great time.

The next day Lola & Andrew made a snow man.

Actually, Andrew made the snow man & Lola held the carrot nose.

Christmas Day

Santa came! When Lola woke up Christmas morning we asked her if she thought Santa came, and she said "no, he is at church". I think she believes Santa lives at church since we went and sat in his lap at breakfast with Santa. It was cute, but Santa did come.

She was so excited about all her toys, but the first thing she noticed was her Tinker Bell pajamas. She slowly took it all in & soon began playing with everything.

The immediate hit was a little fishing puzzle, she played with it all morning.

I had to get Brantley out of bed & he slept through everything.

Brantley was so cute Christmas Day, I dressed him up in his new sweater & khakis, he looked like such a big boy.

Lola & Daddy having tea

It was a wonderful & lazy day, we enjoy just being with family, such a blessing.

Trying out her new Tink Four Wheeler

My parents dog, Charlie, loves babies. Here he is cuddling with Brantley.

Christmas Eve

One thing Lola loved about the Holidays was all the sweets. She still ask for dessert after every meal!

On Christmas Eve, Lola & Nana made a Christmas Tree cake... one piece of candy for the cake, one for Lola.

That night we made cookies for Santa with icing & sprinkles. She was so excited & stole a few of Santa's cookies for herself!

Brantley had a lazy day, snoozing & being carried around, oh the life!

Brantley & Uncle JC

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cousin Christmas

A few nights before Christmas we went over to my cousin Brian's house for dinner. He has 2 little boys, Beau 3 & Luke 8 months. Lola had a great time with the boys & playing with all Beau's toys, she is still talking about Beau's trains. The kids were great and we all had a wonderful time visiting.

My grandparents were there & got to meet Brantley for the first time. We were able to get some great photos of them with their great-grandchildren!

Love Beau in this photo!

My cousin Ashley & her husband Josh were in visiting from Texas, it was so good to see them.

PawPaw & Luke

MawMaw & Brantley

Christmas with Andrew's Family

This year we were in Atlanta for Christmas, so we had Christmas with Andrew's family a few days early. Grams cooked a wonderful dinner for us. I am now realizing I did not take enough photos that night, I must have been scattered. Anyway, we had a wonderful evening celebrating & exchanging gifts.

Aunt Whit & Brantley

Lola & Andrew opening her new doll

Lola was into opening presents, I think she opened several of everyone's!