Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Fair

We took the kids to the Fair a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit. Lola begged to go every night for a week following our visit. She talked about going in detail, making a schedule of everything we would do (of course it was the exact order we did things in when we went). She has such a good memory!

We started out riding a few rides, then went indoors to see a clown show (it was really hot outside).

Lola immediately loved the show & ask to go on stage. At first she just went up there & danced around, finally the clown noticed her & included her in a trick.

Next we headed to Little One's Farming, where Brantley got in on the action!

Daddy & B
Love Lola's face in this one

Sitting in the Tractor

Digging & chewing the dirt

Lola rode a few more rides & Brantley rode a carousal for the first time. He loved it & cried when I took him off the horse.

Lola riding the big slide with Daddy


I think Lola enjoyed the homemade ice cream

Love this little girl

Thursday, August 11, 2011

8 months was a bruiser...

B-Man, we love our B-Man! Brantley's had an eventful month; 1st black eye, 1st carousal ride, several almost crawling injury's... tooth count = 7

He loves to eat table food (especially ice cream), give high fives, baths with his sis, being tickled, the dishwasher, opening drawers & cabinets, plus everything Lola! I think we might have our hands full with this lil man.

He is so close to crawling. He will make a couple movements, but not confident enough to crawl across the room.

At dinner when Lola leads us in prayer, he has started to clasp his hands together like we do, melt my heart. He is so active & strong & into everything. He has an enormous smile & dimples to match, so cute!

Feeling very blessed to be a Mommy of 2 adorable children!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Having Fun!

Post bath fun

You think you can keep me in this bumbo

10 & 2

Scootin' backwards

Ready for cooler weather

Dish duty

Atlanta...July Edition

A few weeks ago, the kids & I made a trip to Atlanta. I just love this photo, swingin' at Nana & Pop's.

It was great to visit with family & do a few first.

We took Lola & Brantley to their first movie (Winnie the Pooh, so cute).

Popcorn & candy make Lola a happy girl!

We also made our first visit to Babyland General. Lola loved all of it!

She loved all the dolls, delivery area, kitchen & salon.

She 'adopted' another baby, Dorothy Lois. She loves Dorothy Lois & has made her a bed buddy!

1st French Fry

Cuddling with Pop


I love that my phone takes quality photos, fast! Here are a few of my recent phone faves...

Good Morning! Brantley loves waking Lola up in the morning with a slap to the forehead & a stiff hair pulling...oh little brothers are trouble!

loves his bottles
naked crawling practice

love my cowgirl

she loves being a farm gal, everything about it