Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brantley's 1st Beach Trip

Well, we made the best of it, that about sums up our entire trip! First 2 teeth, 6 mth shots, fevers, cough, runny noses, sleepless nights....need I go on. The weather was perfect & the beach was amazing, so at least we had something going for us!

This was Brantley's first time at the beach & he was a little unsure at first. He warmed up quickly though, loving the baby pool we set up by the ocean. Lola loved having him in the pool with her & pretended to give him a 'bath' all day.

Taking it all in

They both loved the pool!

Pop & Brantley

Thinking about jumping in

Our sweet friend, Kathy, made Lola this adorable 'early' birthday cake. She loved it!

Reading with Nana

Lola's last day of school!

Lola had her last day of 2 yr MDO a few weeks ago. The year went by so fast & she grew up so much.

She had a great year with her teacher Mrs. Meredith and made so many little friends.

She made best friends with a little girl named Anna, they are so cute together. Here they are being silly!

Last week Lola went to a friend's cowgirl birthday
She was so excited to dress up in her boots & hat, yee-haw

Andrew took Lola to Home Depot for the kids free build project

They made a neat organizer, Lola thought it was so much fun, she loves to hammer!

Brantley 6 Months

I can't believe Brantley is 6 months! He is such a sweet baby boy who loves to cuddle. He is very active, always moving.

He is starting to sit up & can say Dada. He has 2 teeth, bottom middle. He still loves to be swaddled at nap & night. Stats below:

Weight:18 lb 10 oz (60%)
Length: 28.5" (95%)
Head: 18 3/8" (97%)

My 2 boys cuddling, love this photo

Having a few bites of Lola's ice cream, he loved it!
So happy

He loves his jumparoo toy, he can jump for hours