Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lip Gloss

Lola had a little party at school & she was given Dora lip gloss as a party favor. She LOVED it! By the time we got home, she had it all over her cheeks, lips, chin, etc. We finally had to take it away, but she had fun while it lasted!

A serious Brantley in the swing

Cuddling on the sofa

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Babies

Love them, they love each other so much, we are having fun!

We gave Brantley his first baby food veggie last week, SQUASH! He loved it! I had the camera ready, waiting for a funny face, but he was all smiles. I think he would have eaten the whole jar. We are off to a good start with veggies. Hoping he is a good eater like Lola!

One thing for sure... Brantley is not crazy about rice cereal! He loves to spit it out and smear it all over his face, what a mess!

We have been playing lots of dress up, she loves getting all dolled up & twirling around, precious!

Brantley in the high chair for the first time

Lola in her 'big girl' chair at dinner

Roll Over

Brantley started rolling over about a month ago. I was in the kitchen early one morning making coffee, L&B were in the living room watching cartoons. Lola came in the kitchen and told me 'Brantley just rolled over'. I was like 'okay, right'. Well, I went in the living room & there he was, on his belly with a big grin. So, Lola was the only one that saw it!

Helping Mommy make dinner

Trying Uncle Nate's hat on for size, Go Dawgs!

This little baseball outfit belonged to my brothers when they were babies

Lola & Daddy fixing the stairs, she loves her tools Brantley gave her for Christmas

We went to Atlanta to celebrate MawMaw Chadwick's birthday a few weeks ago, Happy Birthday MawMaw!

Playing in the crib

Brantley 4 Months

He's a growin' boy! 4 Month Stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz (75%)
Height: 26 3/4 inches (90%)
Head: 17 1/2 (90%)

Loves the mobile in his crib

Silly girl

Daddy brought home a few St. Paddy's Day treats

Happy boy still loves the swing

My little bunny, Amy thanks for the adorable shirts!