Monday, November 24, 2008

5 Months Old & First Shopping Trip

Our big girl is 5 months today! Judging from the above photo, I think she was surprised about how quickly the time has gone by. She is still a sweet and generally happy baby. She is sleeping well again at night, but really fighting those naps. She would sleep for hours if we held her, but the crib is for napping so Mama can get something done. She has been really sweet at bath/bed time, giving big smiles and kisses. She opens her mouth wide when excited and has started sticking out her tongue.

Flying High

Measurement Photos

Love My Daddy

Blues Eyes

There is My Tongue

Crazy Hair

This past weekend we went on a girls shopping trip to Birmingham (my Mom, Grandmother, Kristen, Cousins Kim & Wendy, Lola & I). To say the least, I think we have a shopper on our hands. We were at the mall all day on Saturday and the only time I took Lola out of the stroller was to eat or change her diaper.

My grandmother made us all matching aprons, she made Lola a little apron too.

Wendy wearing my Grandmother’s satin sleeping cap

Kim & Lola in their G Suits

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Mess

Lola is my little sweet mess, with messy hair. I think she does something new everyday, it’s amazing. Last week I was able to have a girls night with some friends from college, we had so much fun at dinner. Kate, Rebecca, Chris Anne & I got together for a play date on Friday. The kids had a great time, below are a few photos.

This is the only photo of Kate's little Sam (far right) I got all day!

Campbell, Lola, Andrew & Ella Grace

Campbell was so good at holding Lola

This week we were able to go to Colton’s house to play. It’s fun because they are so close in age. Here they are flapping away!

Below is a video of Lola trying to sit up...

And the Giggle box video, she laughed tons this week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love fall! Above is a photo of one of the trees in our front yard. The colors have finally started to change and everything is beautiful. We have been really busy, but here are a few snapshots. Lola is getting louder and more active everyday.

What up homie

We love our walks

All dressed up for church

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Continued Halloween & More

So here are a few more Halloween pics of our little turtle....

Trunk Or Trteat

Family Photo

Trunk Or Treat with Dad

Pumpkin, Turtle & Dragon

Hanging with Rebecca & flower Ella Grace

Attempt at a group shot

Dragon Hollis eating a leaf

Buddy Hudson eating Lola's foot

This past weekend we were in Atlanta for my cousin Brian’s little boy Beau’s first birthday party. It was a great visit and a fantastic party. They went all out with a “Beau for President” theme. Here are a few pics of the birthday boy!


Beau Loving on Lola

Happy Birthday Beau!

While we were at Beau's party, we tried out his swing... Lola loved it! (sorry for the blurriness, it was an action shot!)

Just a cute photo of my Mom, Lola & cousin Abby from a few weeks ago

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lil' Turtle

Lola had a great first Halloween! We were really busy last week but managed to make it to trunk or treat & a Halloween party. Below are a few photos of Lola in costume, she actually didn’t mind the outfit.