Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disney World, Day 2

 Day 2, rise & shine!  We spent our 2nd day at Animal Kingdom.  I have no idea why Lola is holding a rose in this photo, it looks like she is in some sort of ceremony.  
 That morning we went to Donald's Safari breakfast at The Tusker House.  Lola was super excited about all the characters, Brantley not so much.  Though, he did love the sprinkle donut I found him on the buffet.  
 Lola & Safari Daisy
 Lola & Safari Mickey
 This photo cracks me up!  This is the only photo we got of Lola with Goofy.  This is also the only photo that Daddy took of Lola with the characters.  I had run to the buffet (to get B that donut) and left him in charge of both kids, the camera, and the autograph book.  Great memories, I just have to give him a hard time!  You did a great job babe!
 My little drummers
 Sweet brothers on the animal safari
Baobob Tree (upside down tree)

 So the safari was the neatest part of Animal Kingdom  They do a great job of making you feel like you are on an actual African safari.  Most animals are roaming free.  This ostrich was about 5 feet from our truck.  Lola has a huge obsession with ostrich's right now.  She has an imaginary ostrich "Asa Asa" that lives in the closet in her room.  Acording to Lola, this is Asa Asa's cousin.  
 Petting zoo, those poor animals

 Brantley chasing a pig.  Lola couldn't understand why the pigs had so much hair on their bodies, nothing like in the cartoons.
Lola & Rafiki.  Photos on this day were cut short by an afternoon rain storm.  It lasted about 2 hours, then the sun came back out.  Later, we found out that we sat out in a tornado warning.

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